We reported on Tuesday evening, TWO Israeli players were isolating after one had tested positive and the other was asked by the Norwegian FA to sit it out because he was in close proximity to the player in question.

The story raised several red flags from a Celtic point of view. Both Nir Bitton and Hatem Elhamed are in the Israel squad, hopefully, the science suggests they can’t get the virus so soon after contracting it the last time on international duty. However, Israel were set to take on Norway with Moi Elyounoussi in the firing line.

Today, TV2.no report the game is now OFF.

This means Bitton, Elhamed and Moi will not be in action and the risk of a spread is lessened. An assessment by the Norway director of health led to the cancellation as they deemed the game high risk.

Ajer would have been involved too had he not been suffering from a groin injury picked up playing for Celtic this month.

The threat to footballer’s health on international duty is great and the players must be extra careful.


  1. Not meaning to pontificate or be argumentative, but I do think it is time it was recognised that there are a helluva lot of “experts” have surfaced in relation to COVID19, with subsequent mis-leading information, conjecture, speculation and theorising, which, ultimately seems to be leading to careless attitudes and behaviours in relation to this pandemic. This is proven to be a common cause of detrimental behaviours in the population in relation to many Health issues throughout the world in recent times and the continued spread on the internet and such forums is very unhelpful.
    As I replied to mis-information in other posts and referred to W.H.O. who are main lead worldwide on COVID19, can you give me the sources for your additional comment “…. the science suggests they can’t get the virus so soon after contracting it the last time on international duty. ” ?

  2. When are we going to REFUSE to send players to these rubbish internationals when there is still the covid flying about. Get our players home and safe and let the sods sue us. There isn’t a judge in the land that would disagree with our action.


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