Another season has come and gone and so has another Emilio Izaguirre farewell. The defender has waved goodbye to the Celtic support three times in his career. His first goodbye turned out to be premature as he thought Celtic would grant him a move away but the defender stayed another year. He left halfway through Rodgers reign but was resigned for the club last season on a short term deal. Now that contract has it expired, Emilio is roaming the footballing world looking to make his next move.

Right now he is back home in Honduras training with Motague ahead of the new season but the defender won’t commit to the club until he has assessed all his options.

The former two time Celtic defender wants to play in America and must believe there is sufficient interest to hold off for a club in the States.

Speaking to RecordSport, his motivations for a move were clear and there was certianly no appetite for Celtic to keep the player on at Parkhead this summer from either Izzy or the club.

“It’s great to wear the Motagua shirt again after all these years and it’s keeping me fit while I decide my footballing future.

“I want to be closer to my family without long flights when I play for my country and certainly if I decide to stay in Honduras there is only one club for me.

“I’ve made no secret of the fact my priority is to sign for a team in the MLS, but I might have to wait until November for that.

“I also have offers from teams in Mexico and Turkey too and my agent is handling that.

“But for now the main thing is for me to get fit again with Motagua.”



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