Stevie Naismith has taken a 50% wage cut at Hearts as the reality of this current shutdown bites.

Hearts almost immediately pulled the panic button when the situation came into play with spiralling costs and no income.

Aberdeen were the second club to make a statement in their finances with the Dons making it clear with £5m in outgoings in the next few months with no real income – they’re also in trouble. [Read MoreRead More]

Naismith has spoken about the current plight of Scottish football as we try to get this virus under control.

The former Ibrox player believes EVERYONE except Celtic are not immune to this at the moment. Lumping The Rangers in with the rest.

“Ann isn’t looking for sympathy but I think it’s been misconstrued why she’s just doing what she is.” Naismith told SunSport.

“Every club in Scotland outwith maybe Celtic will come onto hard times. It’s inevitable it’ll happen.

“Depending on how long this lasts the majority of clubs are going to struggle.

“Other clubs have already come out and said they’ll find it tough and they need help from fans. That’s already happening.”

Celtic have money in the bank and while they were not expecting extraordinary events to unfold, it gives them breathing space for the moment.

No such luxury for the clubs who were banking on revenue coming through the door until the end of May.


  1. Easy to survive, just remove the problem of spiraling costs. Sell the best players, get rid of your high financial drag and remove all the high earners. . Or when a season resumes, play your youths. Celtic have been doing such since the year dot. Long before the Wee bunnet landed.

    • You have just consigned the tribute team to a liquidation, how ?, well they don’t have any players of significant value, except maybe in China.


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