Craig Gordon was incensed when his former team-mate lifted the ball into the back of the net to make it 2-0 to the Hoops before half time at Hampden on Sunday.

It was Edouard vs Gordon: and Edouard proceeded to Panenka the former Celtic star during a cup final.

It was an outstanding moment but Craig wasn’t happy. He proceeded to throw the ball at Edouard and received a yellow card for his troubles. He tried to approach Eddy straight after but Eddy wasn’t having it.

It was ice cold from the Frenchman.

We can understand Gordon’s anger in the moment. Having that done to you by anyone is bad enough but to have a former team-mate and friend do it would’ve taken him by surprise. After the game, surely Craig would have seen he overreacted.

However, there were grown men claiming Edouard scoring the quality penalty as selfish and wrong. No seriously. Read Neil McCann’s comments here!

Hearts star, Stevie Naismith who Celtic fans don’t have any time for even had the good sense to call the penalty for what it was — quality.

“If a Panenka wins you the Cup, it wins you the Cup. I’ve seen many goalies, even in training, react the same way. It’s not that big a deal for me. To have the bottle to do that in the Cup final just shows you the quality of player that Edouard is.” Naismith told SunSport.

It just shows you the level of punditry in this country is so low. Some can’t separate their allegiances to give an honest review.



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