It was going so well for Celtic when Alan Power decided to go in on Jeremie Frimpong. The follow-through caught Jeremie’s planted leg – the youngster went down and signalled immediately that he was in trouble.

The replays make for uncomfortable watching, Sky Sports cameras playing it over and over again as the defender was strapped into a stretcher.

Celtic dominated the game and won 3-1 in the end, while we should be celebrating, the supporters are now anxious to hear how Jeremie is doing.

It just doesn’t look good at all. What makes it worse was Powers initial reaction to the tackle and then the Kilmarnock fans who booed Jeremie off the field as he was being stretchered off.

When a professional player has been injured you usually see a show of respect from both sets of fans but not in this instance – the Killie fans true to form, booing a young, talented lad being taken off the field in a stretcher.

These Celtic supporters aren’t happy.




  1. It wasnt a foul. Celtic fans need to stop acting like them over there. If Scott Brown made that strong challenge we would all be cheering.


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