KIERAN TIERNEY has become one of the biggest fan favourites at Arsenal since making the move from Celtic two seasons ago.

The defender has already got an FA Cup medal since joining the club but is that as good as it gets for the London club as they continue to toil?

Gunners fans were dreaming of Europa League glory but they were sent packing by a very well drilled Villareal side, effectively ending their season.

Arsenal fans still remember the peak Wenger days when Patrick Viera, Thierry Henry etc did some special things. However, they’re going nowhere fast at the moment and many people feel Kieran Tierney is too good to stick around.

While some of their fans wouldn’t mind seeing the former Celtic star as captain, Scottish pundit Tam McManus has imported Kieran to get as far away from Arsenal as possible in the summer.

McManus told PLZ Soccer: “I’d hate to be an Arsenal fan.

“There is just nothing about them, they are spineless, honestly. Kieran Tierney needs to get out of there. For me, he is too good for Arsenal.

“Kieran Tierney can go and play for anybody in the Premier League, I genuinely mean that. Arsenal, for me, are a top-eight team or maybe a top-six team at best.

“He needs to get out of there and I think this summer, possibly a few bigger clubs in for him for bigger money and he can maybe move on.

“I think he is wasted there, he is too good for Arsenal.”

Arsenal fans regularly give us a roasting for believing Kieran can go higher in the game. If they’re being honest with themselves, they know it too.


  1. Yea and Celtic won the treble this year. I think he better at the Arse. At least they’re in a high paying league. So he will be coining it in. And he can watch the Hoops on catch up TV

  2. Keiron is an excellent footballer but the question that needs to be asked re the above comments are; who would want a player that over the past 5 seasons has only played half the number of possible games due to injury? The same goes for being a club captain. I sincerely hope that he develops a physical robustness as he continues to mature. I think the injuries reflect his commitment within the game to tackle, track back and give a 100% every single game. This commitment is compromised by a possible weakness in his constitution. Like a thoroughbred he is prone to injuries so his manager needs to consider a playing role that does not put him at this level of risk. If he is missing so many games due to injury it makes sense to play him with a slightly different role that protects him to at least reduce that percentage of missed games due to injury. Then his value to the club will double (playing twice as many games!)


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