Chris Sutton doesn’t wrap his words in cotton wool when it comes to football and his thoughts on the pending exit of Keiren Tierney are no different.

The ex-Celtic striker was actually commentating on the Celtic V CKR Cluj game last night when the news started to break that a fee had been agreed with Celtic and Arsenal.

Sutton waited after the game to Tweet his thoughts that were clearly aimed at the Celtic board.

The BT pundit clearly not happy with his first Tweet he later posted another message just to get the point across.

It was around this time last season that Celtic got caught cold when Moussa Dembele left Celtic for France which left Celtic short up front. Towards the end of 2018 Celtic had no recognised striker for the month of December with both Edouard and Griffiths out injured. Hopefully Celtic have learned from this and fans can see a flurry of activity as the Scottish transfer window ends.


  1. I love KT, and i honestly believed he would be the one to buck the trend and stay at Parkhead. He was on a wage that most of us can only dream about,for ‘living the dream’ as they say…i get that players have ambition etc, but being a true Celt means putting that aside and having ambition FOR CELTIC, i.e, using what skill and drive you have to make Celtic the best team we can be..achieving for us and with us,right here,right now.
    Unless Kieran was kidnapped and smuggled out in a rolled up carpet in the boot of a car,then he chose something or someone over Celtic, be it money or personal advancement.
    If he was told he was being cashed in,then the board are a disgrace, and nothing has,or ever will change.
    If nobody wants to criticise,then we might as well just resign ourselves to mediocrity,with the occassional ‘punch above our weight’ performance.
    The message to youngsters is ‘CELTIC IS NOT ENOUGH…ÂŁ30,000 p/w is not enough..and if your dream is only to wear the hoops and you get to a high standard,the board will blow your dreams away and cash you in too’
    Yeah,you’ve guessed it….i’m pissed right off.

  2. Poor Celtic season ticket holders fuc&ed in the ass. Don’t we learn. The answer is no. I gave up my Season ticket after two years of non spending in the transfer market during the Ronnie Delia fiasco. After Neil Lennon left Celtic were treading water. Still no major cash was spent. Along came the St Brendan rollercoaster years. And the board are having a fire sale again. Except no one is coming in. Please spend all the transfer BUDGET NOW. Including the Milions of Kierans.


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