NEIL DONCASTER has been handed a £91k bonus for overseeing the SPFL and landing a new TV deal it has emerged from Mail Sport.

The hapless chief executive is already on an astonishing wage packet for what he delivers and proves once again how broken the Scottish football system is at the moment.

The decisions made by the body on a regular basis are sporadic and irrational and over the years Doncaster has milked the SPFL for all its worth while doing a sub par job.

The Chief executive is getting praised for the new deal handed down by Sky Sports which kicks off next season but in truth he has been selling our game short for years while taking a large wage to do so. The bonus paid from the pockets of SPFL Clubs.

Many want to see change at the top but there’s unlikely to be any movement with incentives like this in place. Scottish football is broken when it comes to the hierarchy.


  1. These Parasites get into Positions of Power and We All are just seemingly Got to Accept the Way these Vermin Ruin Our Game.Scotland has been a laughing Stock for Decades.When That other Club Liquidated and all the Utter BS that’s gone On Before During and After its A well known Fact these Fckers aren’t fit for purpose.SFA and SPFL are Corrupt to there very Core.Mon the Resolution 12 Crew.


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