NEIL LENNON took his pre-match press conference today ahead of the game against Kalju on Wednesday night. Even though the Celtic manager is supposed to be there to talk about the game, the inevitable questions about transfers come up.

With the window not closing until the start of September, there’s going to be many press conferences between now and then which will be heavy on transfer questions.

The Celtic manager was honest and open about players as they were named and when it came to Danny Simpson, the gaffer looks like he’s inadvertently dropped some extra transfer news.

Speaking about Danny, the former Leicester defender was due in for a trial but Neil Lennon called it off. Today, he gave the reason why Danny wouldn’t be coming to train at Lennoxtown and the answer was quite exciting if you read between the lines.

Lennon speaks about bring Hatem Abd Elhamed in who can play right-back but then he goes on to mention the club are further down the line with other players in Danny’s position!

 “On Danny, we were down the line with Hatem and one or two other options so we just felt it would be futile to bring Danny in if he sees us bringing in other players in his specialised position.” Lennon told CelticTV

Are Celtic about to sign an elusive full time right back? Nobody is being named but Lennon’s comments on Simpson seem to suggest they’re talking to someone else.


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