NEIL LENNON has never been flavour of the month with Ibrox fans but after his latest comments it’s safe to say that won’t change anytime soon.

The Hibs boss and former Celtic gaffer isn’t buying the narrative being created by many in the media and has declared Celtic will win the league with room to spare.

Celtic have had their worst start in 20 years domestically but only remain six points from the top and just one point behind the super ‘high flying’ Ibrox side.

Speaking about the chance of Celtic losing the title and their chance at ten in a row the Irishman only seen one winner.

“I have seen this many times before over the years under managers I played with, Martin (O’Neill) and Gordon (Strachan). I experienced it myself as a manager.

“Once they hit the ground running Celtic are going to be hard team to stop. I still say they are clear favourites for the title.

“With the investment Rangers have put into their squad and the improvement of other clubs it was always likely to be far more competitive this year than it has been for quite a while.”

Celtic have not been playing like double treble champions as of late butting only takes one spark and one dominant display for the tide to turn.

The bhoys must get their act togetherness in order to silence the doubters but Neil Lennon is speaking from experience as a former Celtic player and manager.


  1. Lenny says it as it is,always thought getting 8 would be harder, the mob were always going to try and stop us, yes,poor start,very frustrating,annoying,when we know we can do much better,believe this is a blip, but one we have to arrest NOW,!!!!!! Would love to be a fly on the dressing room wall,don’t believe BR will rest on his laurels here,his name is in the firing line,along with ( some ) players,who have to ask themselves ,do I really want to be here ,?time will fix this, but do we have that time ,and how much?we most not lose touch,even if we hang in there by the tip of our fingers.hh

  2. As long as We Dont fall too far Behind,We”ll be just fine.There is something lacking in our game at the moment.Hopefully that wee spark returns and Sets Us on our Way to that Magic Number…HfH

  3. On Wed against St.Johnstone, I’d play an all changed team, Hayes, Allen, Christie and Morgan all starting, and see what they can do.
    I know it’s not what most of you think, but let’s be honest, they couldn’t do any worse.
    Big Jock wouldn’t have entertained slackers.


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