Celtic manager, Neil Lennon has claimed that his side has been affected by having no fans in stadiums as much as any other team across Europe.

As quoted by Glasgow Live, speaking at today’s AGM meeting, the Northern Irishman believes has said have found it really difficult to adapt to empty stadiums, with it affecting them subconsciously in the games this season.

“I think from our point of view we’ve missed the fans as much as any other club in Europe.

“The players have really found it difficult, empty stadiums is not normal and I think it affects them subconsciously at times.

“We don’t have that rawness in the atmosphere, that electricity.

“It’s been really difficult for them to adapt to the empty stadium and we know that most times it’s full whether we’re home or away.

“It’s been difficult circumstances for everyone, not just in sport, but hopefully we’re seeing the turning of the corner with this and we’ll get the supporters back in soon.”

Although it is highly likely we have been affected by fans not being in grounds, with the Celtic supports being famously known for atmosphere and kicking the side on to give them that little bit extra, it cant be used as a valid excuse for how poorly we have been this season.

It isn’t just us that are having to play without our fans, the whole country has been and we are only now, in December starting to see some fans pop up in more stadiums but only in certain areas further up north in the country.

Long before now, we should have been used to this by now but fingers crossed the players can finally kick on from here after good wins last week.


  1. Fuc&en pish, if you defend like a junior team, you will be turned over like one. Very simple maths is the reason, less money spent = pish run in all competitions this year. Covid, injuries, suspensions, no supporters. How do teams manage to train. And the coaches are busy making them play to their strengths only at Bobby Lennoxtown ??? It is called reality. Get used to it. We’re all locked out, so play for the manager, fans, if not for each other.


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