NEIL LENNON has opted not to make anything of the John Beaton incident and insisted he has heard nothing about the media’s attempt to try and shame Tom Boyd for a comment made on Celtic TV.

Whether Lennon is being genuine or not by saying he hasn’t heard about what’s been going on in the press or what Boyd said, the Celtic manager played the diplomat on this occasion.

Instead of continuing any war of words or giving the media any more ammunition the Irishman was straight to the point over his opinion of the penalty incident and any beef Tom Boyd might have with the referee.

“I’ve only just heard about it,” he told CelticTV. “It’s probably something out of nothing, but Boydy is big enough and ugly enough to look after himself on that one.

“With the incident, I thought it was handball, but that’s just my opinion. But we didn’t make anything of it. It’s no problem. I thought he had a good game, John, overall.”

Somewhat of a vote of confidence for Beaton by the Celtic gaffer.

There’s no time to dwell for Celtic now with the games coming thick and fast, it’s AIK on Thursday evening followed by games against Hearts and The Rangers with the away leg against AIK sandwiched in there.



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