NEIL LENNON was keen to stress he was not taking anything away from their win or trying to use it as a distraction but the decision not to send Jon Flanagan off was abysmal on the day.

The defender struck Brown with an elbow very deliberately at a corner kick. The referee seemingly saw the incident and only gave Flanagan a yellow. TV pictures show the player should have walked on the day and that’s the second time at Ibrox this season a player has managed to stay on the pitch who shouldn’t have been there.

Asked about the incident, Neil was very clear on what should have happened.

The bhoys were well beaten on the day and should have no qualms about the end result. There’s a big summer ahead for Celtic and Neil Lennon will be hoping he’s the man to be in charge of the overhaul. Right now, all this is up in the air.


  1. Sure was a sending off,we need 25 million for new players so we do not need to play brown in every game that is twice we been beat there this season and both times we did not look like we new each other,its time to move on the dead wood and sell some others to bring in plenty cash for new faces and wages…

  2. Aye well dosent help when after the game smug slippy was on about aw how chuffed he was with his team and stuff then he mentioned the discipline and said the discipline from his side was magnificent but when asked about the incident with the elbow what answer did we get”I’m not interested” well he was 2 secs before being pulled on it ya balloon but typical saying they’ve laid down a marker for next season aye if ya like eh championees championees ole ole ole hail hail Mon the hoops


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