NEIL LENNON has confirmed the Celtic board HAVE put a price tag on Kieran Tierney and they have disclosed this price to Arsenal.

If anybody was hoping for a ‘not for sale’ response from the Celtic heirachy then they will be bitterly disappointed.

Celtic’s transfer model is based on developing young players and selling them for a high fee so we shouldn’t be surprised. The thing that is a little surprising is how close we are to ten in a row and the willingness to put a number on arguably our top player.

Ultimately it will come down to the player if the club gets what they have asked for and if Keiran thinks there’s a move worth taking then all we can do is wave him off.

It would be a real shame to see Kieran leave before we’ve had the chance to lift ten in a row. I think a lot of Celtic fans would love to see him here as the captain for the ten in a row season but football gives no guarantees.



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