NEIL LENNON has told Celtic fans he wants to see Kieran Tierney ‘shutdown’ at the end of the season and give the player a large chunk of time off in order to get him fresh for next season, even if that means him missing international duty.

The Celtic left back has been out injured for a chunk of the season and before that has played an astronomical amount of games for his club and country.

The interim Celtic manager knows a fully fit Kieran next season will be vital for whoever is in charge of the team and the only way to get that done is for the player to have a prolonged rest.

That’s why Neil would like to insist on Kieran taking the summer off from international duty. Brendan Rodgers was always reluctant to go to an international boss and put his foot down, this time it appears Neil is willing to do so in the best interests of the player.

“Ideally, I’d love to shut Kieran down for three months, give him a rest, let him do some conditioning work and stay off the grass.” he told Celtic TV.

“But it’s not an ideal situation at the minute.

“Could he miss the Scotland games? Listen, I can’t make that decision. Tim is our physio, so he will make that call with Alex and his staff.”

Kieran was sent home from the Scotland training camp last month when an injury caught up to him while away in Kazakhstan.

Most Celtic fans would be delighted to see the youngster get a break.


  1. Just like to say about Fredo that guy should be banned not for 4 but the remaining 7 games as this guy is a idiot not right in the head as for his boss who loves him to death must be missing the wife lol this guy is talking pure and utter crap is celtic s fault about his teams faults if this this is how he conducts himself no wonder he has a team of thugs and other chairman looking at him for maybe a job they would walk away. How can gers complain about Kents ban he punched Scott in the face hope he gets another game tacked on again stevie g saying they will accept the bans ect in one interview and then the next they are going to appeal the leadership from all the management over there is so misleading no wonder there fans cannot behave them self’s and aye stevie has done a great job over there spent the cash and more and still no better off than last season well done Mr Liverpool keep up the good work lol. Oh just to say celtic 12 shoots at goal 6 on target gers 6 shoots at goal 1 on target read the stats stevie celtic were the better team hail hail


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