CELTIC will be taking the news below as a major win after they have made a concerted effort to up their game on social media and specifically YouTube over the past six months.

The club has been a bit late to the party but they are now enjoying a boost in viewership on their official youtube channel with exclusive interviews, highlights and press conferences. The biggest bump would have been Neil Lennon’s first press conference after returning to the club in late February.

The chart below shows the activity for February for clubs in the UK. Celtic in the top ten, just ahead of their Glasgow rivals.

While the news might be great for the club on youtube, the clips and footage on the streaming platform was once reserved for CelticTV subscribers who pay £50per year in the UK for a subscription. With that sub, you get full games on delay which arent put on youtube for obvious reasons, other than that if you’re not getting live games from the service out with the UK and Ireland, there’s very little incentive to continue to subscribe.


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