NEIL LENNON has said that he’d rather be in the position of the Ibrox club than Celtic heading into the last few games of the season.

The manager was sacked after his side failed to secure a trophy last season. The disastrous year wasn’t his fault though, he claims.

Stars wanted away from Lennon’s poor management, ultimately downing the tools. Players were unfit, and the new signings were disastrous.

Neil Lennon was why last season panned out the way it did. He refused to accept that change was needed, even when the club were twenty-odd points off the top spot.

Lennon has yet another shockingly lousy opinion as we build-up to the third Glasgow Derby of the season. As quoted by the Daily Record, the Northeririshman said;

“When you’re chasing there’s a little less pressure and a little more excitement in chasing down the opposition.

“For me, going into games, I always preferred to be chasing rather than being in front.

“Listen, if you have a 10-point lead, it’s great. But when it’s really tight, I feel think if you’re just a little bit behind you’re in a better position.”

It’s almost as if he’s trying to wind the Celtic support up, he’s doing a good job at that.

Heading into the derby, Celtic are three points clear at the top. Their goal difference is substantial, it acts as another point. With just seven games left to play, I know I’d rather be top of the table rather than chasing from behind.


  1. I think u guys shouldn’t be so harsh towards Lennon. He was our captain for many years & we’ve a lot of trophies with him. Also had a good few memorable nights in Europe with him. Some folks have short memories it seems


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