NEIL LENNON has again shot down social media when it comes to players and suggested there’s no real upside for footballers to be on it at this point. With so many vile people out there looking to upset and offend with impunity is something that blights most peoples timelines at some point on their personal accounts.

Ryan Christie decided to take himself off the most toxic social media there is at the moment – Twitter. After being red carded the player must have found a few morons on his timeline that made him think enough was enough.

Speaking to CelticTV ahead of the Ross County game – the Celtic manager also seemed to suggest there could be people masquerading as Celtic fans trying to have a go too.

“I don’t know how much it benefits it brings to the players anymore. There’s no accountability or responsibility for these people that mask themselves up as Celtic fans or any other type of fan.”

Social media is a great tool and can bring a lot of good and people together but the people who use it to abuse and get their kicks out of trying to make people miserable are on the rise. Some of the Celtic players use the platform effectively to send messages to the support after a game and it creates a link and bond between the squad and supporters if used correctly.