NEIL LENNON believes Scottish clubs in Europe should be given every chance to succeed by the governing body and right now they’re a little exposed.

Celtic take on Motherwell at 3pm on Sunday but had it been away game off the back of a midweek game they would have likely kicked off between 12-1pm for TV.

The Celtic manager isn’t daft and know it’s down to the TV companies who get the biggest say in when the game is played. However, we shouldn’t resign ourselves to that fact and the SPFL should be doing everything in their power to help the clubs avoid injuries and fatigue after a European game.

“You are battling with the TV companies as well because they want the early kick-offs,” he told the Herald.

“You are playing on a Thursday night and then you are in Aberdeen on Sunday for a 12.15 kick-off. Yeah we played well, got a great result, but it’s still the players who have to go out and do the work and the fatigue or injury can cost you going forward.

“Sometimes, we need a little bit of help on that, there’s no question of that.”

Celtic have been smashing it in the Europa League this term. Neil Lennon has also managed to keep top of the league on goal difference while doing so.

The more games you play in quick succession the more chance of a slip-up.


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