NEIL LENNON has missed today’s Hibs training as well as their press conference ahead of their final game of the season against The Rangers.

Neil Lennon cut a frustrated figure after the Tynecastle defeat midweek and threatened to quit his post this summer if certain things don’t change.

He couldn’t have picked a worse time to miss a training session and press conference after his ‘heat of the moment’ comments.

Neil wears his heart on his sleeve and would have been venting his anger at not seeing his team take the battle for second to the last game.

Gary Parker took training today and did the press conference saying Neil was under the weather. That hasn’t stopped the media speculating if the former Celtic manager has thrown in the towel before the season has ended.

It would be absurd to think he has after the season the manager has enjoyed on Hibs first year back in the SPFL.

He’s done a great job!



    • Looks like Frank is a hurting hun.
      Lennon, despite being the target for others like you and your infantile brain, is what the SPL needs. Proven, successful managers. Not just people because they were famous players! We are all Neil Lennon!


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