NEIL LENNON pointed out something which goes undiscussed in the media and highlight shows in Scottish football but it could prove to be a very important point.

The Celtic manager had a bit of a problem with the referee Don Robertson only adding one minute of extra time on at the end of the game against Ross County at the weekend. Celtic were winning 6-0 at the time and the referee took pity on the visiting side and put them out of their misery early.

However, the laws state that there should be a MINIMUM of 30 seconds added on at the end of a game per sub – there were six. Also 30 seconds for every goal scored – there were five. So we’re looking for at least another 5 minutes at the end of the tie where Celtic could have looked to grab another goal. However, Roberston called it at one minute and that was it.

Lennon’s biggest point being the goal difference at the moment being a big thing and that if Celtic are not given the amount of time allowed by law for games they could miss out on a vital goal here or there.

Celtic social media stat man Alan Morrison ran the numbers and he came to the conclusion Neil Lennon was spot on.

It seems pedantic but when things come down to fine margins stuff like this matters.


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