The Celtic manager has not been suffering fools lately and he again had a pop at the media for their latest mischief making when it comes to his players.

A story about Jeremie Frimpong having a partner over from America made the newspaper days after another club had blatantly broke league rules but with very little consequence.

The media tried to implicate Frimpong in wrong doing but were hit with the bad news he hadn’t broke any rules.

Neil Lennon was aware of Jeremie’s time with the girl a few weeks ago and he questions why the media has taken until now to jump on a non-story.

“I have to question the timing of the story because we were aware of it a few weeks ago. And since then he’s had about half a dozen tests where he’s been negative.” Lennon told RecordSport.

“Jerry didn’t break any rules. We were aware of it a few weeks ago.

“There is pressure enough playing football. Having to be restricted in your movements can be difficult for them.

“But it’s something we have to adhere to until things start to get better.”

Celtic have been treated very harshly with rule breaks while others appear to be getting away with things. Non-stories like this only further promote the mischief making going on in the media.


  1. Anything for their masters over Ipox way. The guttersnipe press is so far up their (Ahems) it”s hard to understand the logic. These stupid b@stards don’t even know what to write, as their chums from norn iron feed them the sh1te they want in print.
    Scum every one of them, and I mean every one of them.

  2. Say what you want about john Reid (war criminal) but he’d have had these gutter snipe bastards dragged through the courts our sitting chairman should do likewise but first and foremost ban the daily sevco and the scum along with radio prodland ffs celtic for the sake of our players and all the Celtic family grow a feckin pair.hh

  3. Once again they’ve shown their true colours and once again I say ban these bigoted morons from the gates of PARADISE HAIL HAIL🍀.


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