Neil Lennon has reacted to a question posed to him by the mainstream media over a rumour that went on last month.

In a curious turn of events, the media have decided to start putting their ear to the ground on social media and then relaying any type of nonsense spewed to the Celtic manager.

Apparently, according to Keith Jackson there was a wild rumour last month that Neil Lennon and Scott Brown had a bust up after the Cluj game. We heard very little of this with it being confined to a what’s app text that looked like it had been wrote by a five year old. Of course it merited further investigation that case by some in the media. We laughed it off.

The Celtic gaffer was posed the question out of nowhere and himself laughed it off.

“It was all true, oh aye.” Lennon joked with the RecordSport journalist.

“I don’t know where that’s come from at all. It’s complete nonsense, honestly. I can’t control the rumours.

“All I can say is that I love him and, you know, we have a great relationship – a very strong bond with a huge amount of respect – and it goes back a long, long way.

“I trust him and he trusts me. It would take a lot for anything to come between that.”

The question asked and the article by Keith Jackson was an attempt to take a swing at the online Celtic community – claiming it originated within the support. Giving this rumour any credence or taking it to the Celtic boss is more embarrassing than anything.