NEIL LENNON was in no mood to concede his team are second best in the league regardless of how they started the day.

Steven Gerrard claimed his team were the most deserving team to be top when they reached the summit of the SPFL before the international break.

Celtic stumbled in two consecutive away games after a blistering start to the season but got right back on track on Saturday afternoon against Ross County with the bhoys putting six past their opponents. Celtic return to the top of the SPFL until at least tomorrow when Gerrard’s men go to Tynecastle.

Asked if he thought it was a fair comment by Gerrard, Neil Lennon made it clear he wasn’t sure there was a lot of truth in the statement and pointed out the five away games Celtic have had to play so far this season while the other half of Glasgow at a lot of home fixtures in the early rounds of the SPFL.

“Yeah I’d quibble with that. We’ve had five away games and three at home.” Lennon told SunSport.

“I’m always going to quibble with a comment like that.”

If you go top of the league you’re doing something right but the sort of boast might be better to make after a longer period of time and a sustained amount of games. The bravado that comes with an Ibrox team who are remotely doing well is off the scale and Steven Gerrard loves him some of that.



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