NEIL LENNON will take Celtic into next season hoping to make history with ten in a row.

However, it could have all been different had it not been for one famous fight back at Rugby Park.

We’ve all heard the song ‘Scott Brown won the league at Rugby Park’, but back when Neil Lennon hadn’t won the league as manager yet, Celtic players saved his job at Rugby Park.

The bhoys has lost the league by a point the previous season and Neil Lennon kept his job knowing he was bringing on a young team. However, they kept dropping points in Neil’s second full season. It culminated in the team going 3-0 down to Kilmarnock in the first 45 minutes of the game.

It appeared to be the final straw for Neil Lennon’s tenure at the club. When all looked lost, the players came out and pulled it back to 3-3, preserving Lenny’s job which would eventually put him on a trajectory to where he is now via Bolton and Hibernian.

Speaking about that pivotal game, it puts what’s happening now into perspective.

“That was the significant moment, because we were way behind Rangers at that time.” Lennon told SunSport.

“The previous season we lost the league on the last day, after having it in our own hands. We lost in Inverness and lost the league by a point.

“Going into the second season we felt: ‘This young team will only get better’.

“But for some reason we were very inconsistent, dropping points, and we couldn’t understand why. We thought about changing the training regime or sticking to what we know.

“But at 3-0 at Kilmarnock at half-time I’m saying to the players: ‘If you want me here on Monday you’re going to have to turn this around’.

“And to their credit they did.

“We won 17 games in a row in the league after that, sticking to our principles of what we knew. That philosophy ended up working really well for us.

“We went on to win the league very strongly, and that was the beginning. But there is no question, things could have been so much different.”

The players fought for him that day and if we do make the ten, that game should be highlighted as a major moment.

The goal scorers Antony Stokes (x2) and Charlie Mulgrew certainly did us a favour.


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