NEIL LENNON has not ruled out a move for John Park if he becomes the full-time manager of Celtic but was very diplomatic when he was asked the question about the head of recruitment job, which is currently occupied at Celtic Park.

The Irishman knows he has to be very careful what he says about other members of staff who are by all means full time when he’s not at the moment.

When asked about John Park he wasn’t shy in telling people he still keeps in touch with the former head of Celtic’s recruitment. Park congratulated Neil on returning to Celtic back in February and Lenny has asked John’s opinion on a few players back when he was Hibernian boss.

However, the interim Celtic boss did reveal he’s held talks with the current Head of Recruitment, Lee Congerton about potential targets come the summer and even went as far as to say Lee has not asked to leave the club at any point.

Asked if he would bring John Park back Neil told the Evening times: “It is a hypothetical question. Lee is still here and I have been working away with him.

“I know there will be speculation about Lee’s position but he has made no indication that he wants to leave. We had a good meeting about a week ago regarding players and he was full on so everyone is putting two and two together.

“Obviously there is a head of recruitment leaving Leicester and there is a place there. Would it appeal to Lee? I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him about it.”

“Regarding John, I can’t comment on it because I still have a very good head of recruitment here at the minute.”

Lennon did confirm the pair had a chat on his return to Celtic with Park congratulating the manager.

“[I speak to him] now and again,” said Lennon. “He congratulated me on getting the job. At Hibs, I got his opinion on a few players so he is a good guy to call upon because he is still working for a few clubs and he is a good port of call to get an opinion on a player.”

There’s so much up in the air between now and the end of the season. Celtic still have the title and a Scottish Cup semi-final to negotiate before things can really be looked at. There is the feeling if Neil Lennon delivers the treble it will be his job come the summer. Anything below that and it could be another man who takes the reigns with his own ideas on recruitment.

Lee might not have told Lenny about his wishes to leave, but with the Leicester recruitment job freeing up in the summer, you have to think he has an eye on following Rodgers down south.


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