Neil Lennon has put Kris Boyd firmly in his place for his off the cuff comments on Sky Sports at the weekend.

While harping on about the game and trying to fill air time the former Ibrox striker said there were no great players in the Scottish game.

It was a throw away comment from a man who looks as uncomfortable on the mic now than he did on his first day in the role. When he was challenged on it, he doubled down on the idiotic statement – got defensive and then claimed only Messi and Ronaldo were great to somehow back up his statement.

He will now profess that it’s his actual hot spicy take on Scottish Football even though he stumbled into this particular episode. Boyd is a pound land pundit from a broadcaster who treats Scottish football with contempt.

Neil Lennon addressed Boyd’s comment to Record Sport and didn’t miss his mark.

“They are great players, each different in style and bring a lot of quality to both teams.

“Fans will compare. Young fans, old fans, that is what all supporters do when there is a rivalry. I don’t mind that at all.

“We have more than two top players in the country. They are two excellent forwards and are the ones that make a difference I suppose.

“It depends how you define great. If he [Boyd] is comparing everyone to Messi and Ronaldo then…

“But Virgil van Dijk played in Scotland not so long ago. Do we have a Kevin de Bruyne or an Eden Hazard? Maybe not.

“But did we ever have great players at that level? Maybe Henrik Larsson.

“Listen, we had Virgil and can we go and create more great players along the way? Of course we can.

“I think it’s an idiotic statement to make.

“Give me £50m and I’ll bring in a load of players here and we’ll see what we can do with them.

“We have to create our own monsters again.

“John McGinn could potentially go on to be a great player. Callum McGregor, I think, is a great player.”


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