In true Scottish football fashion, we have an absolute circus on our hands while pundits try to do their job.

A certain club emanating from Ibrox have denied access to the stadium for both Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon ahead of the Europa League double this evening.

Both men were booked in by BT Sports for the studio appearance set up at Ibrox. This is commonplace for the sports broadcaster who attend the home game of either Glasgow club in Europe but cover both on the night.

BT were told Chris and Neil could not enter the stadium because it would be a security risk.

SunSport are now reporting Neil Lennon is seeking legal advice on the matter for loss of earning. The Irishman is unable to do his job because the Ibrox club believes their fans can’t behave themselves.

It speaks to a bigger issue of pandering to an unhinged element of the Ibrox support who are only called out by their club when outside sources put pressure on them to do so.

How any pundit can’t go in and do their job without fear of anything happening to them is beyond the pale and reflects poorly on the Ibrox club. They should be embarrassed, but somehow I don’t think they will be.


  1. The sfa should do something but cant see it because mr parks threatings Doncaster and nothing happened dirty corrupt scumbags at hampden our maybe uefa might haha wait along time to hear anything else about the scum club and scum fans at liebrox.


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