Celtic manager, Neil Lennon has backed his squad from criticism they have faced and has claimed that some people have ‘taken them for granted’

As reported by the Sun, the Northern Irishman made this claim as he hit back at criticism his squad have had after performances against Rangers and in the Europa League against AC Milan, with the squad potentially having a chance to get their fourth treble in the row, being only two games way currently.

“I don’t think the damage if you can even call it that, is irreparable. There is a long way to go and these players will come again. Hopefully, by the time the semi-final comes around, we’ll be settled and in good fettle. I think it would mean an awful lot to the players to achieve another Treble.

“To do it once is amazing, to do it three times is incredible. To do it a fourth time? Well, people have sort of bypassed the chance of a 12th trophy in a row.

In recent seasons, this squad of players have been absolutely sensational when it comes to winning mentality and winning these trophies. Three trebles in a row are something that has never been done before and there is a reason for that with how hard it actually is, so to be just two games away from a fourth is unbelievable.

However, they haven’t started this season well at all, so some of this criticism is justified. We have already had a couple of poor results against the likes of Ferencvaros and Rangers. We haven’t really kick-started either. Despite having won the majority of the games, there really haven’t been many good performances.

The players definitely deserve praise for all they have done in the past but right now, we need to go and prove ourselves again. Currently, it looks like it will be tough to win this trophy again. We have to be back to our best and respect these games if we want to be taking it home.


  1. But some times squad players grow old and still think they can play that way for good everything changes and when we buy in players they need to take over from older players who become subs that is how your team keeps growing..

    And a club the size of Celtic should have a big squad of players that are ready take over from any player that is out for what ever reason we should be able to go toe to toe with any team and play on all fronts best way to keep fit is 3 games a week resting between we all know that but first you need those in the top 22 of the squad match fit and ready to go and play free and happy with each other that is how winning is done..


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