Neil Lennon will return to Lennoxtown this morning after self isolating after the Dubai trip.

The Irishman will walk into the building knowing his team have only won 7 out of the last 21 games and with the majority of Celtic fans expectant that he will and should go.

If Neil Lennon was on the outside looking in at this mess, I have no doubt he would believe the man in charge had ran his race. However, we have no idea what he or the board are thinking at this point. The league is gone, the league cup is gone and the Scottish cup is suspended until further notice.

Unless the Celtic manager is going to be given next season too, then the time to say goodbye is now.

After Saturday’s draw, the 4th point dropped in under a week, many didn’t even see the point in the manager returning to the training ground from isolation.

Celtic have remained quiet and again have kept their fans more than at arms length as they wish people happy birthday online.

Penny for you thoughts Mr Lennon.


  1. P. s. Football is results based. Win every game, don’t look back.

    Let sevco to their own devices (either way)

    Leave (unless you move upstairs Neil) and hold your head up high, all the way along the Celtic way punching the sky, as you go

    (Open topped bus optional.)


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