NEIL LENNON has set the record straight over Kieran Tierney after claims he was set to miss another two months of action.

The Irishman’s last update of Kieran’s injury was hardly promising but gave no timescale for the defender’s return. However, he’s changed his tune somewhat and says the player will be fit in a week or two.

Now, we’re not sure what that means. Is he fit to come back into the playing squad in a week or two or is he fit to rejoin training and get a preseason fitness regime under his belt before getting game time?

Neil wasn’t clear but he is adamant the worst of Kieran’s injury appears to be behind him.

“He’ll be fit in a week or two.” The Celtic manager told CelticTV.

“He still has some adductor pain but the pubic problem is starting to settle and he’s over the double hernia.

“I know there’s talk of him being out for another eight weeks, but that’s nonsense.

“I don’t know where that’s come from because that’s certainly not the case at all.”

Kieran has been subject to intense speculation over a move to Arsenal this summer and with the English transfer window closing Thursday at 5pm – it’s time for Arsenal to show their hand.

The Arsenal fans seem desperate to land the player but Arsenal have yet to meet Kieran’s asking price.


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