NEIL LENNON urged the SPFL to introduce goal line technology for Scotland’s top flight after his side were denied all three points because of a very poor call by the officials.

Oli Shaw at the ball over the line against Hearts midweek, as replays show, it wasn’t even debatable and the goal should have stood with or without technology. However, the Irishman is adamant we now need to see this introduced because it’s embarrassing Scottish football.

“It’s well over the line,” Lennon said. “It’s a goal, everyone can see it, and you can tell by the way the ball comes out at the angle it does.

“I know we’re on about video refereeing. Sky are here, if the fourth official goes and looks at a monitor he can say: ‘By the way, that’s a goal’.

“This is a huge game. It’s live on TV and it’s making a mockery of the game sometimes.”

An SPFL spokesman hit back at Neil Lennon saying it was simply unaffordable.

“Goal line technology remains unaffordable for the SPFL. It would cost millions of pounds to install this technology at all Ladbrokes Premiership grounds.”

In the same statement, they totally contradict themselves and say they would support the measures if there was a large appetite to bring the technology in.

“It is something that we would be happy to embrace and support if there was a widespread appetite from our member clubs to do so.”


  1. The SFA the SPFL and the rest,They claim embarrassingly that This new Club that came to existance when RainJurz liquidated and Died,Are The Same Club,Now they Brassneck that Nonsense.Can you seriously see these Corrupt Cretins doing Anything by the Book.They make up the Rules as they Go Along.Our game is Already the laughing Stock of World Football because of these Inbeciles.Hibs were Denied A Clear As Day,Goal.They were cheated out of Three points.They should have punishments in place for these,Honest mistakes these Linesmen and Referees constantly Make.Lets see how Madden does at Tomorrows Game at Paradise when he pulls on his Sevco Jersey….All Tims Must Refrain from calling Sevco(Old Firm) Our wonderful Club musnt be sucked into there BS.It makes them seem relevant,When spoken along with my Club.Celtic n Hibernian,Keep Scotland GREEN n WHITE!!!!!

  2. Little has changed since the SFA 1999 scandal.
    The blatant bias is still thriving.
    They are only interested in one team in Scotland.
    Scottish football at its best…….SHAMEFUL.

  3. To say it’s not affordable or that there isn’t the demand for it is the laziest of lazy get-outs.

    Back in the 1950s horseracing didn’t have photo finishes. A couple of tracks experimented with it and before long a course was considered a backwater if it didn’t have the equipment installed.

    It’s the same argument being peddled by people like Hugh Janus Keevins that it’s not affordable. he usually then goes on to ask how on earth small clubs can afford it. He completely misses the point.

    All helpful technology in all sports required phasing in. It was maybe the 1970s before all racetracks the photo-finish equipment. ‘Hawkeye’ is only available at major televised tennis tourneys. Nobody is asking for it to be available at Glasgow Green courts.

    It took worldwide coverage of blatant injustices for goal-line tech even to be mooted, let alone installed.

    The whole point of the Hibs game the other night was that, as Lennon said, the technology was there on the night. All the administrators have to do is draw up a paper and have it passed allowing referees to use video technology IF IT IS AVAILABLE to minimise the risk of wrong decisions or even, dare I day it, honest mistakes.

    But that requires focus on the real job rather than on perpetuating lies and cheating.

  4. Okay, let’s try that again. They were simply cheated by officials who had an agenda, something Neil is all too familiar with unfortunately!

  5. Hibernian Absolutely Mugged at Tynecastle by the So Called Ref and Linesman.Its Disgraceful the Honest Mistakes these So called Idiots constantly Make.F..k the sfa f..k the spfl…Something Needs Done To Get Them OUT

  6. It’s the same old game,in all my fourteen years of being a top ref in Scottish first division I am proud to say rangers niver lost a game I referred,Terry butcher at a rangers supporters meeting.

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