Neil Lennon has given his full support of the idea to bring concussion subs into the Scottish game.

As quoted by BBC Sport, Lennon spoke about his own experiences, playing with a concussion and how this move to bring a substitute in shows we are going in the right direction.


“I have had concussion myself.

“I’ve played with it. After the game, I couldn’t remember a thing about the game, which is probably a good thing, as I probably didn’t play well. But I think it’s a very delicate situation that all sports are finding themselves in now.

“It’s such a precarious and delicate situation with a player where they feel as if they’re alright and they want to play on but really deep down they shouldn’t do, so I definitely welcome this as a step in the right direction.”

This really is something that should have to happen a long time ago rather than only coming around now but it is positive to see it finally happening.

In recent years we have lost not only big names but a lot of names from diseases such as dementia and many think this could be down to parts of their footballing career.

Just last year we lost one of our giants in Billy McNeil to the awful disease and it’s a horrible thing for any family to deal with.

This is the step in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go till we get it perfect.


  1. Fuc& I remember Tom McAdam being knocked out cold during a Celtic game in the seventies at Paradise. The magic sponge was applied on his brow. And he played on (until substituted later in the game) And he didn’t even remember his name, or the fact he was married earlier in the week. Never stopped him heading the ball during the game after his head injury. JVH wore so many plasters on his ten Bob bit head, that his Hoops top was often bloodied, after head clashes (but so we’re the defenders he headbutted, then stretchered off) And Terry Butcher played on with a gushing head wound, that made him look like an Egyptian mummy. Different times. But not that long ago. And remember the King of goalies Johnny Thomson died after a horrific head injury.


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