The situation we find ourselves in at the moment is so far from where we should be. That’s not an entitlement issue, it’s a statement of fact.

Anyone defending the manager’s record this season by bringing up his past accolades and the teams trophy haul is inadvertently making the argument for his departure.

We aren’t entitled to win a thing but we are entitled to expect better than what we’re seeing. The Celtic team which has won so much now looks bereft of an identity and the buck stops with the manager; Neil Lennon knows this.

We’re one game away from a quadruple treble, this team is capable of so much more, but they aren’t delivering under Neil this season and it can’t be ignored.

The manager was quick to throw plays under the bus after the Champions League exit, only to name an unchanged side the next game. Neil Lennon has lost his direction and as much as it hurts to say, he needs to move on.

The board took the manager on when Brendan Rodgers left and he steadied the ship, but the decline since has been incredible. The professionalism at the club, everything Brendan Rodgers instituted to pull this club up looks to have fallen.

Working as a team is now secondary to hoping someone produces a piece of magic to win a football game, we have very few answers to SPFL teams this season and for all Neil Lennon has done to get a reaction, nothing has worked.

  • Crashed out of the Champions League.
  • Played off the park in the first Glasgow Derby of the season.
  • Celtic have won 2 games out of the last eight.
  • We’re effectively out of Europe. Sparta Prague 4-1 home defeat embarrassment.
  • 11 points behind top of the table (With two games in hand).
  • Conceded 13 goals in 13 league games this season; we conceded 19 in the whole of last season.
  • Manger’s post-match interviews after dropped points are the exact same.
  • Players not responding to the manager.

What has to happen for the board to make a change? Does this season have to go well beyond us before something is done?

I take no pleasure in Neil Lennon struggling and have tried to stick the course with him more than most. It just doesn’t seem retrievable.


  1. He was the wrong man for the job when he was recruited. It was the cheap option, a yes man if you will. He’s spent a fair whack of money and very little to show for the money paid out.

    Lennon’s arrogance was always going to be his downfall, he will not / cannot admit he was / is wrong. He’d rather lose the match than lose face, as the article points out he played the exact same team in the european match after Ferencvaros. To change the team, this would be an admission that his team selection the previous week was the wrong one.

    He’s aggressive and comes across as someone who you would steer well clear of every day of the week. Imagine working for this aggressive, angry man on a daily basis after Rodgers leaving. You’d wonder to yourself ‘who gave this nutcase the job’ turning up for work with him must be a chore.

    He doesn’t have a plan A let alone a plan B / C.

    His brand of aggressive nonsense might have worked 10 years ago. But these players played under Ronnie Delia and Brendan Rodgers, both composed figures. They must be wondering what they have done to have Lennon inflicted upon them.

    I also heard himself an Broony had a rammy a few weeks ago.

    Lennon will go down in Celtic’s history, perhaps not the way he would have wanted to.

  2. I said he should have resigned or been sacked after the champions league qualifiers and whoever recommended us signing Ajeti and Barkas, waste of nearly 10mil, who are nowhere good enough for CELTIC. Duffy is another panic recruit who is not CELTIC quality. Massive changes needed now or kiss goodbye to 10iar if its not too late already.


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