Neil Lennon has gone into full denial mode when it comes to his own position but also in what’s going on in front of him.

At 2-2 last night the Celtic manager put on his captain hoping he could change our fortunes.

We needed a goal, we needed a spark and with all due respect to Scott Brown, it was never going to be him.

However, Brown compounded his manager’s decision to field him with a daft incident which seen him sent off.

Livingston were in the ascendency before the sending off but Neil Lennon thinks that decision by his captain has ‘cost us’

‘It’s disappointing and he should really know better. It’s a lack of discipline and it’s cost us’ the Celtic manager told Celtic TV.

The game followed the same pattern we’ve watched all season. Playing in bursts with woeful defending and lack of leadership.

Scott Brown was an idiot for trying what he did on Wednesday night but ultimately it doesn’t cost us. The points were dropped.


  1. Neil took off Turnbull, then later put on Scot, with the intention of mixing up midfield a bit, to hold up the livy attacks, and try to defend a bit allowing younger, stronger runners to penitrate their nine goalies. Never worked out. I, like most of the Hoops viewers, were scratching our heads as some of the subs though. As Celtic were fine everywhere except in goal. But at both goals you could have thrown a beachtowel over all of the Celtic backs. School girl defending cost Celtic, not on the snowy night. But has all season.

  2. It looks like a new look Celtic next season with a new man getting hold of £30 to 40 million to bring in players he wants and move out the dead wood, The one man i would like at Celtic would be Stephen Clarke the manager of the Scotland national team, he has shown us all what he can do he must be high up on the list if he is not our main target then some one is doing there Job wrong bring in Steve Clarke with his own back room staff and get this huge Celtic club back where it should be….


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