Neil Lennon was asked about the players state of mind ahead of the Lille tie and after such a horrible run of form.

Asked if he was doing anything to shelter them from the noise outside the club, the Celtic manager revealed he’s urged his players to stay off social media for their own good.

The Irishman believes social media platforms are divisive and can be harmful to modern day players who engage online.

“I try and take them offline, and keep them away from those social media platforms” Lennon told CelticTV.

“They can be very divisive, they can be very harmful, they can also be beneficial. The culture of the modern day player is they’re engaged in these social media platforms.”

“It’s something I try to stay away from, it’s a very cultural thing and it can hurt. We advise them just to ignore it for how long things take to calm down.”

Social media can help bridge the gap between supporters and players but as the manager said, it can hurt the players if they’re reading so much negative stuff about themselves online.

One thing we all have to remember about social media is, for the most part, it’s not real life and some people do go out their way to be as vile as possible to garner a reaction.

During a bad spell like this, it’s really not advisable the players indulge too much. It’s probably very hard to not see these things but the more they concentrate on their form, the better.


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