NEIL LENNON has told the media that if his Hib’s side were to be the side to bring Celtic’s unbeaten domestic run to an end that he won’t celebrate the victory.

The Irishman who has a deep bond with Celtic and the support will bring his Hibernian side to Celtic Park tomorrow in which promises to be a memorable match.

Speaking about his ‘competitive’ homecoming Neil has mixed feelings.

“ It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Parkhead in a competitive manner. Three or four years now. Yes, I’ve been back for functions and press duties, but this is work. I’ve got to put all that to one side. People say ‘will you enjoy it?’ No, I won’t, either way it will be difficult to enjoy it. But as long as my team plays well and we get a positive result then I came come away satisfied. If we win, I’ll not be celebrating. It’s three points and we move on. If we get beat, I’ll be very upset – that’s the standards we set for them.

Do you think it’s right that he won’t celebrate if his side manages to beat Celtic?


  1. Would hate for the run to end but if it has to end then Lenny is the only man to lose it. Plainly obvious that his love for Celtic hasn’t dropped one per cent. That makes him ours and we are his. The Hibs only have him cuz it suits all partys at present. He’ll be back to paradise to work in some capacity in the future of that I have no doubt whatsoever!


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