WE’RE in the immediate aftermath of another failed Champions League campaign. It’s too early to perhaps properly dissect it in full in a calm and rational manner but to ship four goals at Celtic Park to a team like Cluj is pretty unforgivable.

Even if you’re kind and say the fourth was a freebie because we were chasing the game it still look horrible.

If we look at it from a purely football stand point this evening (The board will get their turn!) Then Neil Lennon has made some insane decisions which he was almost bailed out from in the end but not quite.

The decision to take arguable your best midfielder and jam him into the team at left back to facilitate other players.

The biggest thing tonight is letting £10m worth of defenders sit on the bench tonight who Neil Lennon didn’t trust to get the result. He hung Boli out to dry after defending the player during the week by benching him for a player who has no place playing left-back. Jullien, £7m from Toulouse sat on the bench tonight as Celtic hugged and pugged and were run ragged with diagonal balls stretching them and with a massive centre forward coming at them.

The team was wrong tonight, Neil stuck with it and we almost had another awe inspiring night at Celtic Park but our luck ran out. Poor team selection and individual errors outdone some fantastic attacking play by the team.

As I said at the start of this article, shipping four goals at Celtic Park to Cluj is unforgivable and in the light of day, it can’t be looked at any other way.


  1. I agree totally with this article, unforgivable in many ways.
    We need a big collective response in the Europa from management and players.
    This is negligent and an embarrassment .

  2. Now that was utter pish,we can not defend we play with out a LB and i must say our captain has not got it when playing teams that are better than most of the Scottish teams he plays week in week out he looked lost,if you score 3 goals at home you must have won the game but not us we take the lead and still play open football we should have sat back and picked them off we did not do that its like the two CHs ball watch get caught out time and time again the keeper has lost what ever he had the rest of the team passed the test they gave there all and got 3 goals but they got let down…
    Now what we need sorted is two LBs two RBs one more CH so spend the money you got from KT and bring in those players or we will be second best in Scotland…

  3. Boli should have been at left back tonight and Sinclair and his experience and goals should have been at left midfield. McGregor should be in midfield, where he belongs. The changes weakened the system from the start.
    Boli was badly let down by Morgan in the last 2 games, whereas Sinclair knows how to come back and give the LB an out ball and cover.
    Boli was badly let down again by Lennon listening to the Blogs criticising Boli and then dropping him. Great inspiration Neil – NOT.
    Boli was also let down by so-called Celtic fans getting on his back in the previous 2 games.
    Tonight Ntcham was superb, Ajer, Edouard and Abd Elhamed were also good, but the mistakes tonight from the team were horrendous.
    What is done is done and cannot be undone.
    What a heartbreaking night. Maybe the club should give serious thought to this now.

    • Ntcham was superb ? Wtf !!!!
      Created the sum total of sweet F.A….and has the heart of a mouse.
      Lennon even said it was important to have momentum going into that game…so what does he do ? ….breaks down the formula that created the momentum,and tries a new experimental one on the biggest stage of all.
      Catastrophic decisions by Lennon….he’s out of his league.

  4. P.s, its not too early to analyse the performance.
    Yes,there were recruitment problems,or lack of,in the past,but NONE of that should deflect from the obvious and shocking decisions made by Lennon and his dugout fillers.
    My old dad used to say to me “if something’s rotten son,cut it off”….and almost without exception that has been the simplest,yet best advice he ever gave me.
    Some rot is treatable,but we have a few that cut off….NOW, before it’s too late.


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