Neil Lennon’s agent and Celtic fan, Martin Reilly has hit back at fans who have criticised the hoops manager after yesterday’s game.

In a number of different Twitter conversations, Reilly hit put at fans and suggested that they ’keep the faith’ with Lennon.

It doesn’t surprise me to see Lennon’s agent defending him but it is bizarre that all of this is taking place on social media. A lot of the time, you do not see this sort of thing take place, with people in the game keeping quiet but with a result of this magnitude, Reilly has likely felt the need to come out and defend his man.

Yesterday was an extremely disappointing afternoon and that was down how performed on the park. It wasn’t good enough, overall.

Twitter was a very strange place yesterday, with lots of opinions flying all over the place, due to this disappointment, with thousands of people expressing their feelings. As an agent and probably a friend of Lennon’s, Reilly is likely always going to defend him but some of the comments you could see many disagree with, using things like the players who were missing as an excuse.


  1. We are all Neil Lennon (apart for his wage) right now. Celtic will get skinned by other teams on their travels too. Up to Neil and the players now. As everybodys watching. I would be more worried If I was a director of Celtic though. They may have to dust off the cheque book, come Xmas.
    And not the empty polish tin full of foreign coins.
    All I can further say is ‘one swallow does not a summer make’.
    But yesterday was (Apart from a Beatles ditty) a brutal reminder of his and the teams future fate in the supporters eyes.


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