NEIL LENNON has confessed he can’t do everything for his players and can’t figure out the dip in their performances on a game to game basis. He also made the comment he believed Celtic deserved all three points against Ross County on Sunday evening.

The bhoys fell to their second defeat to Ross County this season and, in all honesty, the Celtic manager could have just played his post-match interview from that.

Nothing has changed this season and the manager has not been able to rectify any of the problems and stumbles from one disaster to the next. This, all while telling us we’re not going through as bad a spell as we are making out. Tantamount to gaslighting the support.

The Hoops boss has eight games left this season. We wonder if before it’s all said and done, we will know the outcome of who will be the manager next season.

You would have to think the club are wary of sending out renewals when things are so unclear.


  1. Pish and Neil knows this, it’s down to one thing and one thing only. You don’t win games by training hard. You do it by scoring goals and not conceding any, or as many as you have scored. Simple mathematics. The team can’t defend. The team don’t attack as a group. They get hit on the break, have no concistancy in midfield. The tactics are shi7e, the coaching is shi7e. This continual back passing of the ball, when being pressed, should remain back in the fifty. One man up front is only good, if you have goals coming from most other players, less the Goalkeeper.
    Basic stuff, like running onto a pass or playing the ball in front of a player, trapping the ball, using both feet, making the best use of the squad. You think Neil never played under MON. At least after last night’s debacle he recognised that something is wrong. Well that’s because it is.

    Neil, FFS, would you look in a mirror, the image looking back is you, today not the image of your past self in your prime. Leave the schoolboy mistakes in the past. We’re they belong.


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