NEIL LENNON wasn’t giving anything away during his press conference when asked about who will be in goals for Celtic against Hibs on Saturday.

There has been much debate during the international break about who should get the number one gloves going forward.

Bain has been the man trusted over the last five games but will Barkas bounce back and take Bain’s place for the trip to Easter Road?

Well Neil Lennon wasn’t giving any sort of answer.

“Well, you’ll have to wait and see tomorrow,” Lennon stated to CelticTV.

Contrary to popular belief, Scott Bain has not been a revelation since getting back into the team, and had it been Barkas conceding the goals Bain had or making errors, there would have been so much noise around it.

Instead, because Bain saved a penalty against Lille, he appears to be getting a free pass.

Barkas hasn’t had a lot of time to settle, let’s hope his time out the team has helped him and he gets in sooner rather than later.



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