NEIL LENNON says he doesn’t want to make excuses but Calle sour Willie Collum for his display during the 3-3 game at Pittodrie.

Neil Lennon is the man under pressure so talking about the referee does him no favours.

However, it was an erratic performance by the official who even bowed to pressure from the Aberdeen bench. He also gave a foul against Celtic for a hand ball when Ajeti had been bulldozed into the ball. Over and above that, Aberdeen were getting so much joy from getting tight then falling over, Collum bought it all but once.

Speaking after the game, Lennon highlighted Collum’s influence on the game and how it wasn’t good enough for the level he’s at. As I said at the top, that’s only going to bring more heat down on Neil. Nobody wants to hear excuses, they want to know why the players aren’t performing.

“This is the first time really I’ve been semi-critical of a referee, I thought he was poor.” Lennon told the Sky Sports cameras.

“In decision making, in being influenced by his assistants, some of the decisions were baffling out there today.

“That’s not an excuse for us dropping points but it didn’t add to what was an incredible game of football.

“I thought he was poor for a referee of his level.

“We don’t like dropping points.

“It’s a little phase that they are going through at the minute, a few of them might be a little bit fragile confidence wise.

“It’s my job to keep them going and we will work through this.”

“There are signs we are getting better but we’ve got to stop inviting the pressure.

“We were sort of passive. There’s a minute to go in the first half and we should play it forward rather than still trying to play.

“So decision making has to be a little better and see the game out at 3-2. We had plenty of bodies to deal with it.”

Celtic are trailing in the SPFL and with so many tough games ahead, Celtic fans trepidation is palpable.


  1. Collum is a total shambles. McInnes doing a screaming fit for a handball, jumping all over the place. The Celtic player had his arm down by his side, with no deviation, it was a no foul incident, but with Aberdeen players squealing like pigs every time they lost the ball, Celtic players were obviously upset by Collum’s insistence to give late whistles and totally ludicrous decisions. Collum is another whistler with a mission. Happy to see us fail to win. His eyesight is appalling. Ajeti was grabbed by Considine in the penalty box by both hands and instead of a penalty against Considine, he gives a foul to them for a handball by Ajeti. Considine had Ajeti by the shirt by BOTH hands.
    Aberdeen forwards were going down like flies, anywhere near the Celtic box. Get real McInnes, your team has talent, sadly they left it in the dressing room. Squeal about you fake.


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