NEIL LENNON spoke on the July 26 about Kieran Tierney’s situation at the time. The Celtic manager wouldn’t be drawn on speculation but did admit if the worst case scenario happened (Tierney leaving) then he and the club had plans in place.

“We obviously have contingency plans and have worked out other options if that worst-case scenario were to happen.” Lennon told RecordSport at the time.

We are sitting tonight, August 27 – the ‘worst case scenario’ did indeed happen yet no contingency plan has been put in place.

This makes Neil Lennon look like he’s lying or he thought he could get his contingency plan in place but the board have dragged their heels.

Considering the ilk of the player we just lost, you would think Celtic would be like a dog with a bone trying to get their deals over the line. It’s more of a cat and mouse game with Celtic unwilling to do business before they absolutely have to.

There might be a deal coming our way but it doesn’t mask the fact we’ve waited over a month for a ‘contingency plan’ that was said to be in place.


  1. News like that at one time ,would have been wrapped up in a fish supper, and got thrown away, but not now . The internet keeps what we once threw away for ever and Neil will have to learn times have changed


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