NEIL LENNON has bitten back at suggestions he’s not the man to take Celtic forward beyond the current season after the interim Celtic boss was asked about his future.

The Irishman addressed vocal fans on social media who are adamant he shouldn’t get the job on a full time basis. Neil will always give you his honest opinion on things but it appears he has scored a massive own goal with his comments on Thursday morning about some fans.

The former Celtic captain believes there’s a new breed of fans who are spoiled with success and aren’t seeing the bigger picture in terms of what the club is achieving on a yearly basis at the minute.

With the club going for a treble treble the interim Parkhead boss thinks his record speaks for himself and believes he’s in a strong position. He did, however, make the suggestion that he hadn’t declared his position on his own future.

“There is no evidence to suggest I can’t take the job on.” he told CelticTV.

“I have been here since 2000 and in that time Celtic have won 14 league titles and I have played a part in ten of them.

“So I think I know how to win titles here.

“I think that gets overlooked. If we win the cup that will be my seventh cup and any time we lost the league that I have been involved in it was on the last day of the season.

“I think there is a new breed of supporters, here or elsewhere. Since 20 years ago the only thing they have seen is success.

“They don’t remember the 1990s as the older generation do. I can’t take it for granted, they might. That comes from an immaturity from their point of view.”

He added: “I never said I wanted [the manager’s job] long-term. My contract here expires at the end of May and after the cup final I’ll sit down with whoever, and that’s always been the case.

“Nothing has changed, despite all the speculation, whether I’m getting the job, whether it’s Rafa Benitez, Jose Mourinho, Slaven Bilic, or whoever.

“As far as I’m aware, the club aren’t speaking to anybody until after the final. I’m in a strong position anyway.

“I’ve got the big one out the way and now the cup is very, very important. Not for me, but for the players.”

We’re getting into territory where the Celtic fans will be split. Lennon’s comments have sparked some angry opinions from Celtic fans who believe he’s not the man for the job.

When one group has very strong vocal opinions on a subject then others who maybe have been quiet on the issue will come to the forefront and have their say also.

Neil didn’t have to make these remarks and he could have been a bit more tactful about the current situation.

The Lurgan man has been a fantastic servant for the club and regardless of who you want to be the next Celtic manager, he deserves respect and space to finish the job he took on in February when Brendan Rodgers decided to do a midnight flitting.


  1. How is he arrogant Frank? The guy was brought in to get us over the line, He has helped us win the title, The poor form in some games was evident when Brendan was here so I don’t believe Lennon totally to blame for some poor performances, Hopefully we win the cup then its decision time for the board, HH.

  2. We need some one who knows the club not much time to put a new face there it will be win win win from start and trying to get in to CL GROUPS,HE CAN DO THIS BRING HOME 9 LET LENNON DO THE JOB HIS WAY AND PUT A STAMP ON HIS TEAM HE IS THE ONE WE HAVE AND CAN TRUST IN….
    plus he is 3/1 7/2 in places get on it

  3. Its not the bad results I fear, its the bad selection of player’s and their use, if Neal had a game plan when against us, as he supposed to have. I don’t seem to see it addressed , in our own game and player selection still the same shit with 6 at the back and not crossing the halfway line

  4. As was always my concern this whole thing has become a sideshow about Neil Lennon! when Peter got him in a sacked under performing hibs manager! Fact! i was dead against it!! so the easy way will now be the hard way ! he cant get the job but wont be happy when he is told!! like some child, now i was living in Sydney for years and was there when he had that poison target him and i defended him as anyone should but this isnt about lenny its about us!! OUR GREAT CLUB GETTING A REAL MANAGER MUCH IN THE STATURE AND AURA OF THE LAST, NO MATTER HOW IT ENDED WE NEED THAT AND DESERVE IT! SO NEIL KEEP QUIET SIR DO YOUR JOB AND PLEASE DEPART WITH OUR BEST WISHES OUR GREAT CLUB AND FANS BEEN VERY VERY GOOD FOR YOU!! I DONT BELIEVE YOU WERE A REAL CELTIC FAN GROWING UP LIKE ME AND MANY OTHERS BUT YOU EMBRACED OUR GREAT CLUB NOW ITS TIME TO LEAVE EXCEPT IT AND REALISE WE NEED BETTER!! AND WE DESERVE BETTER!! HAIL HAIL TREBLE TREBLE ON THE WAY

  5. It is easy to see that if we bring in a new manager then the cost could be £4 or 5 million a year plus there war chest of min £30 million so to put a new man in charge could cost the board £30 million plus this window.
    But with Lennon his war chest will be £12 to 15 million total cost this window £18 million,now you tell me who the board is going make there new manager on a year to year rolling contract..
    Lennon is 7/2 for the job get on it..


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