There has been a lot made of a frustrating draw at Easter Road after the Livingston draw in the SPFL two weeks prior.

Celtic are closing in on the title but they’re making hard work of it in the final games of the season. Neil Lennon cut a frustrated figure at Easter Road on Sunday as his new side failed to break down his old side in a 0-0 draw in Edinburgh.

Neil is a passionate man and he demands the best from his players but one criticism this season at Hibs and in previous seasons is the manager can be too critical of his players in front of the camera after a poor result.

After the game yesterday, the interim Celtic manager let rip on his Celtic players by suggesting some of them thought they were on holiday and others attitude were not right.

“If you are going for the title – the holidays aren’t here yet,” Neil told Record Sport.

“Forget about the noise out there. ‘You can win it here, you can win it there’, you have to win the game and that’s what’s angering me because we are up and down at the minute.

“The attitude of some of the players is not making me happy but I have told them what I expect from here on in. We looked lackadaisical, lacked physicality at times, energy and quality.”

We could be wrong but this doesn’t seem like the correct approach to get the best out of this set of players. They have been used to the calm and calculated Brendan Rodgers who made sure on most occasions to protect his players after a bad result.

Could this be a strike against Neil when he is discussed for the full time gig?


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