NEIL LENNON has addressed the current state of play when it comes to international football.

So many supporters were desperate to see Celtic recall their stars after the positive tests started rolling in.

Celtic have four players out at the moment, three with the virus and one isolating because of track and trace. The uproar on social media led to Celtic releasing a short social media statement letting fans know it wasn’t within their control to call back their players.

Neil Lennon understands the difficulty of the situation but he also made the claim it would be even more difficult because the players put so much stock in playing for their countries. To try and pull them could lead to disgruntled players. Most Celtic fans have tunnel vision, especially when it comes to Glasgow Derby week and they just want their best team to be available, it’s understandable too.

The Celtic manager tries to make sense of things:

“The coronavirus had a huge impact on us during the international break,” said Neil Lennon in an exclusive interview with the Celtic View.

“If we think about all the testing that we’ve done within the bubble at Celtic, we’ve been very strict and the protocols have all been followed. The club have done a great job regarding that, keeping everyone safe and protected.

“It’s out of your hands when the players go away on international duty. We’ve had some guys ruled out now, and then you’re sitting at home biting your nails hoping that nothing else happens – not only with the COVID situation but with the chance of a player picking up a physical injury.

“That’s always on the back of your mind too.

“Even if we could, though, you never really want to stop a player from playing for his country, because it means so much to them. From a personal point of view, doing so is among players’ main targets growing up, and even as they progress through their club careers.

“It’s difficult for UEFA, it’s difficult for the clubs because of the impact it’s going to have on the season, and this is all new to everyone.”

The last of the internationals will be done on Wednesday and the club will start to see the players trickle back into lennoxtown. We aren’t out of the woods yet, the players will all be tested upon arrival and will be tested before the game too.


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