Police are currently investigating serious allegations surrounding a disturbing incident that reportedly took place during a football match between Dumbarton and East Fife on Saturday.

The focus of the probe is on claims that a football bar owner made threatening remarks involving “bullets in the post” directed at Gallagher Lennon, the young and talented son of former Celtic manager Neil Lennon, in a shocking event that unfolded in front of Lennon’s partner.

The controversial comment is said to have been overheard by Irene McCloy, 49, the mother of Gallagher Lennon, during a tense moment in the game after the 18-year-old defender made an error on the field. Dumbarton ultimately faced a narrow 3-2 defeat at Bayview Stadium, but it was the off-field drama that caught significant attention.

A source close to the incident recounted the unsettling moment, telling Sunsport, “The guy shouted something along the lines of ‘Send me your address so I can send bullets to your da’.”

This alarming threat was purportedly heard by Neil Lennon’s long-term partner, who was also in attendance, sparking immediate outrage. She confronted the individual, who is believed to be a prominent figure within the local football community, leading to an apology from him. However, the apology did not suffice, leading to the involvement of local law enforcement authorities on Monday.

The alleged threat has stirred considerable concern within the football club, highlighting the urgent need for addressing and mitigating the culture of hostility and aggression that can pervade sports.

Gallagher Lennon, who is considered a promising talent in Scottish football, joined Dumbarton on loan from Premiership club St Mirren in January, aiming to gain valuable playing experience through the end of the season.

The comment was a call back to Neil Lennon receiving bullets in the post as a Celtic player. Famously, the former Northern Ireland international had to retire playing for his country due to very serious threats from bigots.

All these years later it’s depressing these alleged comments have come up on the terrace. The idiot obviously wasn’t aware Gallacher’s mum was in the vicinity but it would have made it no less shocking had she not been there to hear it.


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