NEIL LENNON has come out backing his chief executive after Peter Lawwell has come in for some intense scrutiny over the summer but has also made the transfer revelation he doesn’t know how much he has to spend!

Celtic’s lack of action in the transfer market has contributed to our Champions League downfall. Seeing so many go out the door and very few players come into the club is disheartening and frustrating in equal measure.

But when it comes to the man himself, the Celtic manager believes the fans are very unfair on Peter Lawwell and he always does what’s best for Celtic.

The abuse Peter Lawwell gets is very unfair, I think it’s totally imbalanced.” Lennon told SunSport.

“He’s presided over eight league titles in a row and three Trebles, and we’ve been in the last 16 in the Champions League a few times.

“It’s probably as good a time as Celtic has had for a very long time.”

Asked if he knew what was available to spend or what the club was willing to pay out over the next week or so to secure targets – Celtic fans will probably not like the answer.

“I can’t comment on that.” Lennon said “I’m not aware of how much money there is.

“But Peter does what’s best for Celtic, and he always has done, maybe to the detriment of himself sometimes.

“I know he puts the club first at all times.”

The Celtic boss has been portrayed as someone Peter Lawwell can manage very well and someone who will not hold his feet to the fire.

Comments like this further that portrayal. Lawwell certainly keeps the books in order but can we all confidently say he’s never done anything to the detriment of the football team – no!


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