NEIL LENNON has not exactly made Celtic fans feel comfortable with the club’s current stance on Kieran Tierney’s future when he spoke to CelticTV on Friday.

The Irishman fielded questions on some of his prized assets like Callum McGregor and Kieran Tierney with the speculation intensifying around the two players.

Neil was pragmatic and even went as far as to say he expects bids for the players considering their quality.

Celtic fans have been digesting the news Arsenal have been sniffing around Keiran Tierney with former boss Brendan Rodgers keen to also bring in Callum McGregor this summer/

Make no bones about it, if Celtic lost one or both these players in the summer it would be a disaster and again fly in the face of Lawwell’s hollow words about coming out of transfer windows stronger than when it opened.

Speaking about the possibility of movement with regards to his top stars, Neil wouldn’t commit to a stance but seemed to hint if the money is offered he would be powerless.

‘I would be surprised if there were no bids for a number of players here,’ said Lennon. ‘Even if they are mid-table clubs, they have plenty of money and they are playing in the Premier League.

‘There is big money being quoted for players down there and Kieran is as good as them, if not better.

‘I would be very surprised if we don’t get offers for him – let’s put it that way.’


  1. If both get sold or even one of them then the all the money must go right in to the team so NL can bring in as good as going they could be older in late 20s but seasoned pros they must be,you can not sell your best players for big bucks and then let SG win everything, if they both go and those who have gone that has made the team weaker so they must be replaced with players that fit right in or deals must be off,how come teams want us to pay big money for there players and want us to give away our own players on the cheap if any players are sold then that money goes on the new faces buying the players in and wages for the deals none of the money should be saved you put all back in on the team and make the squad stronger…

  2. Jackie, Celtic never truly strengthen. They just manufacture talent and sell it. The money already in their bank will just pile up. If Lawwell spent what they make from KT, what’s the point in selling him in the first place. Infuriates me the lack of ambition to truly form a great team. Celtic are always short of three quality player due to selling their best. Get a grip Lawwell. You never cease to let the fans down. The fans who love that club.


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