Former Dundee Boss Neil McCann has started to claw back into the good graces of Sky Sports by giving them an hour-long interview into what went wrong at Dundee.

McCann was given the sack after a run of shocking results, squad disharmony over his time was always lurking in the background and his general attitude towards other managers.

It’s safe to say Neil likes to be the opinionated pundit firing the shots than being fired at when it comes to football.

Celtic profited from one of Neil’s biggest mistakes at Dundee – falling out with Scott Bain and sending him off to Hibs only for the goalkeeper to end up at Celtic shortly after seen the Hoops gain a top number two when Dundee could have been doing with him.

During the interview, McCann tried to place a lot of the blame elsewhere when it came to his tenure and we can’t help but feel there was a veiled dig at the Celtic goalkeeper with his comment about players not being able to handle ‘it’.

On his squad rotation and moving players on McCann said:

“There were some players that I let go who I thought either couldn’t handle it or wanted to go elsewhere and play a different style of football.” McCann told Sky Sports.

There seems to be no love lost between the pair with Bain having a laugh at the expense of McCann when he was given the boot.

Bain has landed on his feet big time but there was a real tension between the two at Dens Park and a clash of personalities.

Scott Bain will be starting the Bet Fred League Cup Final on Sunday while McCann watches the game on the TV.



  1. I believe that the only one who couldn’t handle it was McCann himself. The Dundee team was much better than what he got out of them. I believe it was a big mistake by the Dundee board to employ him as manager and I trust they have learned valuable lessons from this escapade.

    This week McCann quoted a comment made by the father of a youth they had just signed at the club, who had asked him why his team could possibly be bottom of the league. He interpreted this as praise about the atmosphere and the training at the club. Maybe he was not able to see that in fact it might be a comment aimed at himself. Or maybe he did realise what the comment really was about, but simply deflected it to mean something else. He has spent a lot of time with those who are masters of deflection after all.

    I would actually have liked to hear some praise for the efforts of others at other clubs (apart from the Establishment club) from him, but I cannot actually recall him ever having done so. His brutal and personal recent attack on one particular referee also leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    One can only hope that he reflects on this and makes the effort to be positive rather than negative.

  2. Poisonous, self inflated, arrogant, fork tongued pretend manager . How can McCann look in the mirror and feel any pride at his questionable actions, twisted press comments and shoddy results. It “beggars belief” that Sky Sports would want to give him any air time to talk about himself.

    Oh no wait, no not doesn’t.

  3. He’s a wee fanny who will probably join kenny miller on the tv and spout out as much pish as possible about the resurgence of the sevco pair of them creaming there selfs about the chance of the minks being top of the league fucking dispise the lot of them ,,, come on you bhoys in green the morra bring it home ma Bonny Bonny bhoys HH


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